The Magical Life of a Drag Queen

I'm a drag queen, and I am magic.

what’s the dumbest or funniest thing a man has ever done to impress you? whether or not it worked?


i went to a gay bar last night and they had an entire menu dedicated to tater tots why do some straight people even think they’re superior to the gays they’re not even close

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  • gay person: *breathes*
  • white girl: OMG you're so SASSY xDD i love gay ppl lolz lets go shopping

Thing I forgot about Ann Arbor: groups of grad students in hoodies talking really loudly about how grown up they are.


These are the two women,

that no matter what mood I’m in,

all I have to do is 

pop in a dvd of I Love Lucy

or click on an episode of You Deserve A Drink

and I will hysterically laugh to the point of crying.

They just so happen to both: 

have red hair

make the craziest of faces

are beautiful

and hilarious in their own right

Mamrie is definitely the Lucille Ball of YouTube,

and if you’re not subscribed to her you’re doing something wrong.


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