The Magical Life of a Drag Queen

I'm a drag queen, and I am magic.


They have “networking” as an option on dating sites and apps so you can screen out patent douchebags and people who click on everything indiscriminately.


NOTHING looks gayer than a man conspicuously attempting to not look gay.

Being a gay man who isn’t terribly fond of men is an interesting twist.

Today at work there was a blackberry bigger than the head of my cock, and I was just like OK MONSANTO, YOU WIN.

I came home and found my moisturizer on the back of the toilet. And this is why you never live with straight guys.

Sedmikrásky, 1966

Fact: Ivana Karbanová was wearing literally all the black eyeliner produced in Czechoslovakia in 1966.

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It’s all going to be ok, you guys.

It’s all going to be ok, you guys.