The Magical Life of a Drag Queen

I'm a drag queen, and I am magic.

I came home and found my moisturizer on the back of the toilet. And this is why you never live with straight guys.

Sedmikrásky, 1966

Fact: Ivana Karbanová was wearing literally all the black eyeliner produced in Czechoslovakia in 1966.

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It’s all going to be ok, you guys.

It’s all going to be ok, you guys.

In real life Jack would have lived Brooklyn and Will and Grace would RSVP but never actually go to his shows.

Grindr goes to sea!

"Grindr goes to sea!" OMG, great, a boat full of early-30s masc 4 masc discreet dudes who will hide in their cabins and not message each other.

Group activities include headless selfie lessons and a daily chant of “NO FATS, NO FEMS.”